Akay Çikolata
"For you and your loved ones"

Quality in AKAI Cholate...

For you and your loved ones...

Cocoa and cholate offers a source in terms of minerals: primarily copper, magnesium, phosphate, iron and calcium. For examples 100gr of milk or white cholate includes calcium between 20% or 40% as RDA. Besides in cholate there are no addictive substances. Cocoa and cholate does not contain cholesterol.

As AKAİ ÇİKOLATA our basic philosophy is to make production without harming environment and nature, act in accordance with moral norms and laws,  being in service sector’s dynamics and innovative, in search of a new high-quality product, highly evaluating human resources, as a company which operates all its elements quality philosophy and the structure of the learning organization, accompany professional consumers and users for a long time.

Performing continuous improvement in total quality management in all areas of customer satisfaction, participation and sharing with all employees, to act according to market data, generating creative ideas, determination and sincerity in dealing with AKAİ in its entirety:

-  Meeting the standards of competence and customer expectation
- Delivery on time and desired amount,
- Continuity and reliability,
- Logistics and technical presentation ,
- Efficiency and flexibility of product development

Believes to be in endless development in order to perform production and management at every stage evaluating consumer’s problem, need and recommendation. In terms of our quality sense, the most important complement of our AKAİ consumer is you. Our process management to provide the needs of your recommendations and requests are primary element of our customer oriented understanding.